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Time & Money


Rebuilding after hurricane Yolanda.

In 2010 Haiti was hit by a massive earthquake killing over 200,000 people. As humans it is incredibly moving to see such outward suffering, and loss. It wasn’t just America, but the entire world responded to Haiti, sending aid, people, and resources to the tune of 13 Billion dollars.  It’s as if it were possible to build homes out of paper money, or so you would think by the way that we give to situations like these.

Giving is the easy part. It’s the immediate gut reaction to what is happening, but the struggles still lie ahead of us. Coping with the loss of family and friends, all the possession including homes, and living in an environment that is complete chaos, for years maybe even decades.

What I’ve found interesting as my wife and I work with RBI is to see the contrast between human reactions towards severe external impacts on people, i.e. earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, and those who are impacted by disease or health conditions.

Our work here is incredibly diverse and even if 13 Billion dollars were donated to our organization we would never be

Meeting with a family to assess their needs before surgery.

Meeting with a family to assess their needs before surgery.

able to solve all the problems of those we interact with. Because sometimes money doesn’t buy a person eyesight, or the time they have suffered through losing their vision. In a lot of ways our mission to serve the blind is to come along side them and to bear their burdens, just as Christ has done for us.

I have to remind myself of that every day, because it is not my natural inclination to share in their burdens, in fact sometimes it’s very uncomfortable for me. It would be much easier to hand someone paper money and move on, but treating them as someone who is worthy of my time, because they are, is priceless.

So the next time you feel like you can’t make a difference in someones life, remember that your time is worth far more than money could ever buy, and there is no way to make more of the time we have allotted to us here on Earth.

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