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Those who are visually impaired, in developing nations, continue to often be the outcasts in society. They many times do not have hope or a voice and have little chance to hear the Gospel. Currently there are millions of blind individuals across this world that have never heard God’s Good News.

Reaching those who are visually impaired can be an elaborate ministry. Specialized training and services are needed in order for them to reach their fullest potential in life.

The vision of most Christian organizations, churches, and mission agencies is to reach everyone for the Kingdom—and Biblically so. But they often also admit that many times, they lack the tools or understanding to reach certain demographics of society, including the visually impaired. This is where our organization can help you be able to truly reach those who are blind with the love of Christ.

We believe in the power and far-reaching impact of partnerships. RBI can provide your organization, church, or mission agency the expertise, training, and support to give you the tools and avenues to truly reach all for the Kingdom.

We have a full website detailing this partnership program. Please go to www.blindpartnerships.org to learn in more detail of how we can help your ministry.

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