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Braille Production

Braille Production

  • Braille Production

Braille Textbooks-Braille textbooks are a key building block to a blind student's successful integration into a regular school. With Braille textbooks, a blind child has access to all the same information that their sighted classmates have. Our Braille production teams work to make sure that every student, from pre-school to college, has the Braille textbooks they need.

Braille Magazines—RBI produces two Braille magazines, "Insight" and "Double Yum". Insight Magazine is written for blind adults and is sent out 6 times a year. It features stories and testimonies of blind adults, plus articles of special interest to those who are blind. In order to encourage Braille reading skills among children, we produce a bi-weekly Braille children's reader entitled Double Yum. Double Yum features short stories, poems, and articles submitted by the blind children themselves.

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