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Teacher Training and Blind Student Enrollment—Often times the only thing keeping blind children out of school is the lack of a trained teacher. By providing this training for teachers, we can dramatically and immediately improve the lives and futures of thousands of blind children. Beginning in 1992, we have helped organize summer graduate level training courses for public and private school teachers. These one month courses give these teachers the skills and special teaching techniques needed to mainstream blind students in regular classrooms. Thanks to these teacher trainings, today there are nearly 2,500 blind children now in school across the country.

Blind Preschool–In 1999 we began offering a preschool program for blind children. Our trained teachers work with these blind preschoolers, teaching them the basic skills that they will need to succeed in a class of sighted students.
Higher Education—RBI provides training for university professors and administrators on how to include blind students in their classrooms. We also provide support and conduct trainings for university age blind students to give them the skills and confidence they need to succeed in college.

Blind Children with Additional Disabilities-Oftentimes blindness may be complicated by additional disabilities such as deafness or cerebral palsy. To address these problems, we offer home and center-based training. These trainings help parents to maximize the fullest potential of their children with multiple disabilities.

Blind Child Sponsorship—Once we have trained a special education teacher in a public school, blind children still may not be able to attend classes because of financial constraints. To combat this problem, RBI provides a sponsorship program for these blind children. Sponsoring a blind child for $200 covers their transportation costs and other schooling needs. If you would like to begin a life changing sponsorship today, please visit our Donate page.

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