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  • Rehabilitation
Our training for a blind person focuses on four major areas:
    1. Orientation and Mobility—Training someone who is blind to travel and move about both safely and independently using a white cane.
    2. Daily Living Skills—Allows a blind person to do the normal activities in life without assistance using their other senses and special techniques.
    3. Braille Literacy—Using the Braille system to teach someone who is blind to read and write again. Any literature, math, music scores or even scientific notation can be made readable in Braille.
    4. Adaptive Items and Equipment—Using special adaptive items can allow the blind individual to perform everyday tasks or responsibilities at their job.
Low Vision Services-Most blind people have some degree of usable vision. Rather than learning how to read Braille, they may best be helped with special magnifiers or high powered glasses. Our low vision specialists conduct assessments of each individual’s specific needs and abilities and prescribe the necessary corrective measures.

Counseling-Our rehabilitation specialists try to help families dealing with visual impairment to handle the difficulties that they will encounter. Perhaps the greatest difficulty that the blind person will face will be the misconceptions of other people about what a blind person can or cannot do. Our focus is to help them and their families see that blindness does not lessen their value or usefulness in life. This understanding enables them to reach their God-given potential.

Parent Training—Parents play the most important role in the success of their blind child. Throughout the year we conduct various trainings for parents to help their children live normal lives and to help them advocate for their rights.

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