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Special Programs

Special Programs

Adaptive Items and Equipment—An adaptive item is simply a tool that allows a blind person to go about their daily life or job. Items such as a slate and stylus for writing Braille, white canes, talking watches and computer software are just some examples of what we provide.

Computer Training—Utilizing a special screen reading software, a blind person can use the computer just like a sighted person. With this special screen reading software, everything that is on the computer screen is read out loud. RBI conducts training on how to use this special screen reading software for high school and college students as well as blind adults entering the work force. We have also set up computer training centers in schools where blind students are enrolled.

Radio Shows—RBI broadcasts, on various stations, a weekly radio show produced exclusively for the blind listener. Blind guests are invited to share their life stories and experiences. Experts on various topics of concern to the blind are also asked to present their views.

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