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Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Growth

Braille, Large Print, and Digital Audio Bibles—RBI’s very first project was to transcribe the Filipino Bible into Braille. After that was accomplished, large print and cassette Bibles were also added. Keeping pace with technology, we are now providing digital Bibles. These pocket sized, solar powered, digital audio Bible players can be searched by book, chapter, and verse. All of these Bibles, whether in Braille, large print, or digital format are provided free to any blind person who may want one.

  • Spiritual Growth

Bible Colleges—For those blind individuals who believe they have the calling to enter into full-time ministry, we have formed partnerships with Bible colleges to provide their necessary training. Although these blind graduates are fully qualified for ministry in any church, we feel that they are uniquely qualified for ministry to their fellow blind.

Bible Studies-Blind children need to know that God loves them and that they are very valuable in His sight. Every week, RBI staff hold Bible studies with hundreds of blind children in different schools. They also bring Braille scripture portions for each of the children to read on their own. Our hope is that these children will turn to the Lord as a continuing source of strength in the unique difficulties that they will face.

Summer Camps—Every year RBI conducts summer camps for blind children. Games, contests, sports, singing, handicrafts, swimming, and many other activities that these children are usually excluded from fill the day. Time is also set apart daily for devotions in order for the children to learn about God's love and care for each one of them. One of the most valuable camp experiences for these children is to meet other blind children who have been able to develop normally and who are facing life with confidence and enthusiasm. This can be a turning point in their lives, especially those coming from more remote and isolated places. They often return home with a new determination to reach the potential that God has for them.

Visit our Sponsorship site to sponsor a blind camper for $300 and provide them with a life changing experience.

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